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Woodville Coffee Parties

Our Woodville Coffee Parties will start up on Saturday, January 21st and 10:00am and run until April 1st, the weekend before Easter. This year we will hold them at the Woodville Community Centre, avoiding the close contact of hosting in our homes.  We will follow the model that was used for the Christmas Coffee Party in December. This model has been used in other communities with great success as well.

We are asking people to volunteer to host a Coffee Party at the hall. Hosts will not be responsible for providing any food.  A host’s responsibility will be to set up the small coffee tables, prepare the coffee and tea, and clean up afterwards.  Anyone coming to the party is welcome to bring a plate if they wish. Coffee, tea, milk and cream will be provided by the Community Centre. If you are unsure how to use the hall facility, we will give you lots of support.

Schedule is as follows, if you are interested in hosting please contact us via email at coffeeparty@woodville-kingscounty.ca

January 21: Peter and Brenda Sheppard
January 28: Debbie and Russell Parrot
February 4: Debbie and Jim Wile
February 11: Host needed
February 18: Host needed
February 25: Host needed
March 4: Host needed
March 11: Host needed
Match 18: Host needed
March 25: Host needed
April 1: Host needed


Woodville Hiking Trail Closed – Dec 22, 2020

342 Bligh Road – Woodville, Nova Scotia – B0P 1V0
e-mail: info@woodville-kingscounty.ca


Effective December 22, 2020 the Woodville Hiking Trail system will be CLOSED!

We thank all the land owners, and the many volunteers over the many years who have made Woodville such a wonderful place to ride or hike.

The property has been sold and our Land Use Agreement terminates on this date.

Please respect the wishes of the land owner.

“Community Tree” Fundraiser

“Community Tree” Fundraiser

The Woodville Community Centre has an exciting new fundraiser for the community, but it is much more than just a fundraiser.

 It is a piece of art that will highlight our history with the apple industry in the community. Sheila Mason, a local artist, has painted a beautiful apple tree on the wall in the upper lobby of the Community Centre.

We invite you to purchase one of the red wooden apples for $25 that will then be placed on the tree. You have the option of writing on the apple yourself or having it written for you.

If you are interested in purchasing an apple for the tree please CONTACT US

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Woodville Chicken Barbeque

The Annual Woodville Chicken Barbeque is held on Apple Blossom Sunday each year hosted at Boates Orchards. The 3600 Half Chickens are barbequed over an open pit with our special BBQ Sauce and then served with Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Pickles, Roll, Honey and a glass of...

Pumpkin Carving Party

The annual Woodville Pumpkin Carving Party takes place on the Saturday before Halloween. The Pumpkin Carving Party is a great way to gather friends, family and neighbors to celebrate the season and prepare for Halloween. Pumpkins are provided which children, teenagers...

Community Corn Boil

Each fall the Community gets together for a Corn Boil at the Community Centre. Along with the delicious corn, hot dogs and ice cream are provided.

Christmas Craft Fair & Luncheon

Each holiday season the Woodville Community Centre hosts our Annual Christmas Craft Fair & Luncheon. The craft sale always has a great atmosphere and you can find some unique gifts and have lunch while you shop. Charlotte prepares her famous fish chowder and there...